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Web Video and Flash

Video on the web. It is the direction the internet is heading. Most web video is streamed to the viewer using a few basic methods. Adobe Flash is the most common way as the Flash viewer is on most of all web browsers but current ipad and iphone devices do not show Flash Video.

With the rapid adoption of HTML5, web video has gotten both simple and complicated at the same time. While all new browser, on tablets, phones and pc's, display video in the HTML5 formats; older browsers do not. And not all new browsers display the same video formats.

The video formats needed for the web are .ogg, .mp4, .webM, and .swf or .flv(flash).
  • FireFox will play .ogg, .webM and Flash but not .mp4.
  • Internet Explorer will play .mp4 and Flash but not .ogg or .webM.
  • Chrome will play .ogg, .mp4, .webm, and Flash.
  • Safari will play .mp4 and Flash but not .ogg or .webM.
  • ipad and iphone will play .mp4 but not .ogg, .webM, or Flash.
  • Andriods (tablets and phones) will play .mp4, .webM, and Flash.

You can view the different types of players and files on this page. Video Format Samples Your browser will only play some of the videos.

SonomaStudios has the expertise both in video creation and video conversion. Our Video Production Unit will take your idea through to video, film or documentary.

Our conversion will take a video, either as a file or on film, and convert it to a format that can be displayed on the internet.
When it come to interactive video, the kind that the viewer can click on buttons to change what is being displayed, there is only one format that currently works and that is Flash. You can see an example of interactive flash video at View Flash Demos
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