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How can I get my site listed with search engines? It sounds like a pretty simple question, but sadly, search engine submission can be a complicated subject. There are basically two types of search engines-Directories and Crawlers.

Directories are search engines powered by human beings. Human editors compile all the listings that directories have. Getting listed with the web's key directories is very important, because their listings are seen by many people. In addition, if you are listed with them, then crawler-based search engines are more likely to find your site and add it to their listings for free.

Crawler-based search engines automatically visit web pages to compile their listings. This means that, unlike directories, you are likely to have several if not many pages listed with them. This also means that by taking care in how you build your pages, you might rank well in crawler-produced results.

Arguably the most important crawler-based search engine is Google, because so many other search engines use some of Google's results. In addition, most people also go directly to Google to search. The absolutely best way to get listed with Google is to build links to your web site. Indeed, this is the best way to get listed for free with all the major crawlers. Crawlers follow links, so if you have good links pointing at your web site, the crawlers are more likely to find and include your pages.

All the search engines use very sophisticated algorithms to determine placement and position on their pages. While it is impossible to guarantee a first place position for your website, by optimizing your website for search engines, you can vastly improve your search position.

SonomaStudios can evaluate your website and your goals and determine whether optimization will help you achieve those goals.


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