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We are your ColdFusion Developer.
ColdFusion is an Adobe programming language based on standard HTML that enables the creation of very dynamic database driven websites. It requires hosting servers running ColdFusion and a database to store the data. ColdFusion allows a website to be constructed with fewer pages. The pages change when the data on them changes; one page template will serve many web pages.

A ColdFusion website can have an enormous range of functionality. When a viewer clicks on a link to an ordinary static webpage, that page has been created in its entirety with all the text and photos contained within the page. With ColdFusion, the photos and text are contained within a database and are delivered to the viewer from there. The information on the page can change constantly. A products page will contain the products the viewer requested, all delivered from the database.

As a ColdFusion Developer, we at SonomaStudios can create, deploy, host and maintain your dynamic interactive website using all the latest tools and techniques available. Our clients use web database storage to enable them to view and update their information from any computer, at any time.
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